Frequently Asked Questions

What songs do you have?

The question is more like what songs don`t you want us to play. Compose a list of the songs you don`t want us to play along with any special songs that you do want us to play. Along with your chosen genre of music, the age of the crowd that will be present at the event and our expertise from over 40 years of playing music and reading the crowd at special events, we will determine exactly which songs will get the crowd moving. We won`t be satisfied until the dance floor is filled to capacity and everyone leaves happy and sweaty from hours of movin` and groovin`.

Do we need to sign a written contract to reserve Audio Xpressions for a special event?

The type of contract we insist on signing at Audio Xpressions is one involving a good old fashioned handshake and a heart to heart talk. Whenever we book an event, Rick Westbrook, the owner, will need to meet with the people putting on the event such as the bride & groom about a month before the event and then again a week before the event. The purpose of this meeting is to get familiar with the personality of the hosts, the style of the event and the age group of the crowd.  Based on these 2 meetings, Rick will make sure you and everyone present at your special event will have a blast! He doesn`t just say he will make your event the best ever, he Really Means It.

Do you dress up for weddings, galas and special events?

At Audio Xpressions, our team always dressed in a professional manner in accordance with the style of the event. For live concerts, the team dresses in company uniforms and for weddings and fancy events, our sound technician and our DJ dresses formally including suits and ties for the event.

 Do you offer deals for multiple bookings?

Yes. If you book more than one event at the same time we can definitely give you a better deal. Remember that our prices are already some of the lowest in town plus, we do make deals if you book for example your stag and doe at the same time as your wedding.

Will you be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening?

Yes. We do offer master of ceremonies services and can do announcements and introductions for you. We are comfortable with speaking in public and will do anything to make your evening flow smoothly and ensuring that everyone is having an excellent time at the event is our top priority. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your event is a total success.